Finding What's Lost

Somewhere between having babies and deciding between buying milk for cereal or buying a bag of potatoes to make french fries to go with hamburgers for dinner... I lost me. 

When the waters edge has eroded and has very little don't take more rocks away from the depleted soil. 

I couldn't bear to take anything away from my family.  So, I took from myself. I took away all my needs of wanting anything personal.  No want for a special bottle of perfume. No want for a new pair of earrings.  Completely content with giving my babies their milk to go with their cereal.  Hamburgers are just fine without french fries on the side.  As long as there are smiles and laughter at the table.  That's all I ever wanted and needed. 

Whenever I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I had no idea.  Nothing.  I always replied I didn't want anything.  I was being honest.  I had no wants for myself.  I didn't even realize what I had done, until...

One day as I turned to pour a bowl of cereal, my babies were gone.  They smiled as they left. But me? Not so much.  This river had dried up.  It had branched off and fed two beautiful new rivers and was left empty. I 

Now, I'm on  a journey of rediscovering that soul.  The one who gave everything away so her babies could "have". Would you like to come along with me? We can look for rocks to place along our waters edge.  Rebuild what was lost. 

I would love to hear about what parts of you, you want to rediscover. Contact me and we will talk about how you would like that portrayed in your photographs. It will be absolutely beautiful!