Strength is Beautiful


You've been taught...scary things happen in the dark. You say your prayers and don't close your eyes. Lay still as a rock.  Muffle the cries and keep them packed inside your heart.  

But, the heart knows you can't keep  this locked away. Your body knows. It can't keep your cries hidden.  You tap, tap, tap your fingers. You starve for peace as you nibble your nails. 

Emotions are jammed up in a sick stomach. All your pain begins to flow through every part of your body. It's fear. Fear of never being enough. Fear you are a failure and nothing will ever change.  Fear that everyone around you sees it too.  That you're worthless.  

And then it happens. You wail.  You curse the darkness. You look at yourself in the mirror and see a sick stringy haired face, little girl looking back at you. She's hurting. She's desperate for someone to hold her and tell her she's perfect the way she is.  Someone needs to kiss her cheek and tell her she was meant for greatness. Go ahead.  Tell her the truth. Kiss her cheek. You're the only one she listens to.  The lies she's been telling herself all these years have made her sick.  Tell her not to be afraid of the dark.  The darkness is only there so she can see her light.  It's time to comfort her and heal her heart.  

Tell her that the cruel things people did to her are not her fault.  They are the ones who carry the shame, not her.  She has strength because she is still here looking at you.  

Tell her she has a voice and it is powerful! Shout it out loud that she is unbroken! Look at her! She is still standing.  She is still alive.  She is beautiful! 


You are beautiful!