Self Hate Be Gone

Staring out the window, looking forlorn, she longs for escape. Why must she stay locked here in defeat?  Where nothing is beautiful.  Loving words are meaningless and sentiments are unappreciated.  She is stuck. Hidden away where there is no way out.  Self hate is glued to her heart.  She glued it there at a young age with lots and lots of unkind, hateful words.  Glued in layers upon her heart.  Words given to her by family.  She believed they were true.  

She has given up all hope of breaking free. She longs to be anywhere but where she is - stuck. 
How can she lift herself from the mire of negative words going through her mind?   

She must make the choice to unglue the self hate.  Finding gratitude is her solvent.  

She must decide to stop hating all the cruel things said and done to her.  These hateful things have made her strong.  She fought a big person off her at a young age, making her strong.  So strong that she will not allow any person to ever take advantage of her body again.  She must fight for herself...because no one else ever did.  She will draw the line to never be crossed.  

This is her safe place out of the muck of hate.  She has made it.  She has power in herself to stay protected.  Strength is what her difficult past has awarded her.  Without that darkness, she may never have truly known just how strong she is.  She is amazed when she realizes how thankful she is for that darkness. She is thankful for how strong it has made her.  Thankful that she is now able to step out into the light. 

Come with me and step into your light by booking a session today.  

Self hate be gone!