Dear Rose


Dear Rose, 

No matter what they say about you, your goodness far outweighs your faults.  Your softness is beautiful.  So beautiful, it draws others to you.  Never think of this softness as a flaw.  It doesn't mean you are fragile.  It means you are a soft place to fall.  A pure pleasure to be near.  

Yes, it's true, you hurt others when handled improperly.  But, everyone who knows you well are aware of this.  It's really not your weakness. It's your strength.  You were created with rough edges for your protection.  You were cleverly designed to prevent others from ruining your beauty.  This makes you strong, Dear Rose. 

All of your flaws aren't flaws at all, you are strong and soft.  Clever and beautiful.  Stand tall and own your beauty for no one can take it from you.  You are beautiful.